Assam Gk-Test Set 24

Q1. Mlechchha dynasty was established by
(A) Tyagasimha
(B) Harjjaravarman
(C) Salasthamba
(D) Birpal

Answer: (C) Salasthamba

Q2. In which year the Treaty of Majuli was signed between Koch king Nara Narayan and the Ahom king Sukhaamphaa
(A) 1560
(B) 1563
(C) 1569
(D) 1572

Answer: (B) 1563

Q3. Who had lead the Mughal Army in the Battle of Saraighat
(A) Jai Singh I
(B) Ram Singh I
(C) Jai Singh II
(D) Bishan Singh

Answer: (B) Ram Singh I

Q4. According to the 2017 elephant census, total number of elephants in Assam is
(A) 4581
(B) 4823
(C) 5276
(D) 5719

Answer: (D) 5719

Q5. Which one was the capital of the Kachari kingdom
(A) Golaghat
(B) Rangpur
(C) Mushalpur
(D) Dimapur

Answer: (D) Dimapur

Q6. Syed Abdul Malik won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1972 for which one novel
(A) Prithibir Akukh
(B) Golam
(C) Koka Deutar har
(D) Aghari Atmar Kahini

Answer: (D) Aghari Atmar Kahini

Q7. Who is also known as the Luit Konwar of Assam
(A) Rudra Baruah
(B) Parvati Prasad Baruwa
(C) Bishnuprasad Rabha
(D) Jyoti Prasad Agarwala

Answer: (A) Rudra Baruah

Q8. Who won the Sahitya Akademi Award 2017 in Assamese Language
(A) Jayanta Madhab Bora
(B) Leena Sarma
(C) Sailen Bharali
(D) Lakshminandan Bora

Answer: (A) Jayanta Madhab Bora

Q9. Who was the first President of Assam Association
(A) Ambikagiri Raichoudhury
(B) Jagannath Baruah
(C) Manik Chandra Baruah
(D) Raja Prabhat Chandra Baruah

Answer: (D) Raja Prabhat Chandra Baruah

Q10. The first Railway line in Assam was established in the year
(A) 1879
(B) 1880
(C) 1881
(D) 1882

Answer: (C) 1881


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  1. Very nice ….this will be very useful for request please don’t post about anything where you are not sure….
    Few questions are repeated ..but it’s okk

    • Thanks for pointing our mistake and please elaborate the issue. We need such kinds of comments who truly point out our mistake for our improvement. Anyways thanks again.

  2. In last SI exam assam (sub inspector assam) a question had asked that is Oldest masjid in assam. Please add this question

    • Thanks Tafazz and Definitely i will do it, if you have more information then do provide us so that it will be beneficial to everyone.

    • Mam its not Raja Kandarpeshwar Singha . Assam Association was formed in 1903 and subsequently in 1905 , in its first session held in Dibrugarh, formally elected Raja Prabhat Chandra Baruah as its President , Jagannath Baruah as Vice-President and Manik Chandra Baruah as General Secretary.


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