Assam Gk-Test Set 27

Q1. In which year, Anwara Taimur becomes Assam’s first and only female Chief Minister
(A) 1979
(B) 1980
(C) 1981
(D) 1982

Answer: (B) 1980

Q2. In which category, the movie “Dikchow Banat Palaax” wins the Best Film award in the 2017 National Film Awards
(A) Environment/Conservation
(B) Children’s Film
(C) National Integration
(D) Other Social Issues

Answer: (C) National Integration

Q3. The total length of the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge is
(A) 7.45 km
(B) 8.25 km
(C) 9.15 km
(D) 10.10 km

Answer: (C) 9.15 km

Q4. Who won the Sahitya Akademi Award 2017 in Bodo Language
(A) Adaram Basumatary
(B) Durgeswar Boro
(C) Rabiram Ramchiary
(D) Rita Boro

Answer: (D) Rita Boro

Q5. Which of the following sports event is not hosted in Guwahati in the year 2017
(A) FIFA U-17 World Cup
(B) National Games
(C) AIBA Women’s Youth World Championship
(D) South Asian (SAARC) Badminton Championship

Answer: (B) National Games

Q6. Who was the first Speaker of the Assam Assembly
(A) Babu Basanta Kumar Das
(B) Debeswar Sarmah
(C) Laksheswar Borooah
(D) Kuladhar Chaliha

Answer: (A) Babu Basanta Kumar Das

Q7. In which year Bharat Ratna award was given to Gopinath Bordoloi posthumously
(A) 1998
(B) 1999
(C) 2000
(D) 2001

Answer: (B) 1999

Q8. Who is the founder of the Assamese daily english newspaper “The Assam Tribune”
(A) Prafulla Govinda Baruah
(B) Radha Govinda Baruah
(C) Siva Prasad Barooah
(D) Dhirendra Nath Bezbaruah

Answer: (B) Radha Govinda Baruah

Q9. In which year, Malladev (Nara Narayan) acquired the title Narayan
(A) 1508
(B) 1521
(C) 1540
(D) 1548

Answer: (C) 1540

Q10. The Bodoland Territorial Council was established in the year
(A) 1998
(B) 2001
(C) 2002
(D) 2003

Answer: (D) 2003

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