Assam Gk – Test Set 31

1. Haidang are the traditioanl folk songs of which tribe?
(A) Rabhas
(B) Bodos
(C) Tiwas
(D) Sonowal Kachari

Answer: (D) Sonowal Kachari

2.The Brahmaputra river entering Bangladesh is known as
(A) Padma
(B) Meghna
(C) Jamuna
(D) Jaldhaka

Answer: (C) Jamuna

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3. Farkhanthi is celebrated by which tribe ?
(A) Misings
(B) Bodos
(C) Karbis
(D) Rabhas

Answer : (D) Rabhas

4. When was Assam Bhasa Unnati Sabha formed?
(A) 1860
(B) 1848
(C) 1888
(D) 1869

Answer : (C) 1888

5. On the Charge for which of the folowing crime, was Kushal Konwar hanged during the Quit India Movement?
(A) Killing of a British Sergent
(B) Supply of Illegal Arms
(C) Derailment of a train at Barpather
(D) Organising mass meeting when it was banned

Answer: (C) Derailment of a train at Barpather

6. The Hayagriva Madhava Temple of Hajo is located in which hill?
(A) Agnigarh Hill
(B) Nilachal Hill
(C) Monikut Hill
(D) Mikir Hill

Answer: (C) Monikut Hill

7. Which is the last capital of Ahom Kingdom?
(A) Charaideo
(B) Garhgaon
(C) Rangpur
(D) Joraht

Answer: (D)Jorhat

8. The foundation of Nationalist Historiography in Assam was laid by
(A) S.K. Bhuyan
(B) Jogesh Chandra Dutta
(C) Tapan Roy Choudhury
(D) Dwarkanath Ganguly
Answer: (A) S.K. Bhuyan

9. In which district the “Sri Surya Pahar” is located
(A) Dhubri
(B) Goalpara
(C) Darrang
(D) Chirang

Answer: (B) Goalpara

10. Which Puran was composed in the Assam
(A) Kalika Puran
(B) Varuna Puran
(C) Vamana Puran
(D) Saura Puran

Answer: (A) Kalika Puran

11. Which one is the highest peak in Assam
(A) Nilachal Peak
(B) Laike Peak
(C) Patkai Peak
(D) Kanduli Peak

Answer: (B) Laike Peak

12. Which Chutia king established Sadiya as the third capital of Chutia Kingdom
(A) Birpal
(B) Satyanarayan
(C) Vijayadhwajpal
(D) Ratnadhwajpal

Answer: (D) Ratnadhwajpal

13. Sati Sadhani was a queen of which dynasty/ kingdom
(A) Ahom
(B) Koch
(C) Chutia
(D) Dimasa

Answer: (C) Chutia

14. What is Singarigharutha?
(A) Marriage ritual of Ahoms
(B) Coronation ceremony of Ahom Kings
(C) Death rituals performeed to Ahom Kings
(D) None of the Above
Answer : (B) Coronation ceremony of Ahom Kings

15. Who translated the drama “Sakuntala” from Sanskrit to Assamese?
(A) Atmaram Sarma
(B) Lambora Bora
(C) Harogovindra Sharma
(D) Gunabhiram Barua

Answer: (B) Lambodar Bora

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10 thoughts on “Assam Gk – Test Set 31”

    • Brahmaputra in Bangladesh is known by different names after the point of confluence but just entering Bangladesh it is known as Jamuna. You can check the image in the answer for your clarification and so Jamuna is the Answer.

    • How can you say the correct answer of this question is Option (A)Padma
      First You need to study a book carefully then you are allowed to comment it.
      Right Answer is Option (C) Jamuna as Assam Gk mention.

    • No, Sir i think i have answered correctly and it is the Laike peak of Assam. If you have relevant source than you can provide and i will make the changes but i think it is already correct and no change is required.

    • All as i know Namcha Barwa is in the Tibetan Himalaya Mountain range which is around 7,600 meters and so the area does cover in our state Assam. Here we have to consider only the portion which exist in Assam and if we consider that then, Laike peak around 1960 meters situated in Dima Hasao district of Assam will be the correct answer for the highest peak of Assam. Sir, Hope i think i have cleared your doubt and still if your are not agree with my answer then please feel free to reply back.


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