Assam Gk – Test Set 32

1. To whom did Laluk Sola Barphukan surrender Guwahati
A) Shaista Khan
B) Minnawar Khan
C) Prince Azamtara
(D) Wazir Zafar Khan

Ans: (C) Prince Azamtara

2. In 1563 , when Koches reached Ahom capital, the king Sukampha fled to
(A) Charai Kharang
(B) Narayanpur
(C) Mechagar
(D) Abhayapu

Ans: (A) Charai Kharang

3. “Suwaguritola” is a custom connected with
(A) Durgapuja festival
(B) Assamese Bihu
(C) Assamese Marriage
(D) Assamese Ankiya Bhaona

Answer: (C) Assamese Marriage

4. The first instance of Assamese written literature was
(A) Charjyapadas
(B) Prahada-caritra
(C) Kritan
(D) Guru Charita

Answer: (A) Charjyapadas

5. The Kapla Beel (wetland) is located in
(A) Barpeta District
(B) Nalbari District
(C) Chirang istrict
(D) Baksa District

Answer: (A) Barpeta District

6. The earliest settlers of Assam are
(A) The Mon-Khemers
(B) The Aryans
(C) The Koch-Rajbonshis
(D) The Alpines

Answer: (A)The Mon-Khmers

7. The oldest “Match” factory in Assam is at
(A) Bijni
(B) Dhubri
(C) Karimgang
(D) Bongaigaon

Answer: (B) Dhubri

8. In which following places of Assam, the average annual rainfall is very low?
(A) Dibrugarh
(B) Lumding
(C) Tezpur
(D) Nagaon
(E) Morigaon
Answer : (B) Lumding

9. Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctury is Situated in which location of Assam
(A) Darrang
(B) Dhubri and Kokrajhar
(C) Sonitpur
(D) Karbi Anglong

Answer : (C) Sonitpur

10. Baikhu festival is celebrated by which tribe
(A) Bodos
(B) Karbis
(C) Rabhas
(D) Garos

Answer: (C) Rabhas

11. Orundoi (January 1846) first magazine from Assam was first published from ______ and the first editor was _______
(A) Dibrugarh / Hemchandra Baruah
(B) Jorhat / Anandram Dhekai Phukan
(C) Sibsagar / Dr Nathan Brown
(D) Guwahati / A.H Denforth

Answer: (C) Sibsagar / Dr Nathan Brown

12. Who translated Bible into Assamese?
(A) Atmaram Sarmah
(B) Nathan Brown
(C) Kashinath Tamuly Phukan
(D) Anandaram Dhekial Phukan

Answer: (A) Atmaram Sarmah

13. Which is the first printed book in Assamese?
(A) Assam Burtanji
(B) Orunodoi
(C) Aadipath
(D) Dharmapustak

Answer: (D) Dharmapustak

14. The Anglo-Assamese dictonary compiled by Miles Bronson contained
(A) 16000 words (Approx)
(B) 18000 words (Approx)
(C) 14000 words (Approx)
(D) 15000 words (Approx)
Answer: (C) 14000 words (Approx)

15. The Assamese dictonary “Hemkosh” written by Hemchandra Baruah contained
(A) 21,243 words
(B) 19,586 words
(C) 22,346 words
(D) 23,792 words

Answer: (C) 22,346 words

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    • Thanks for asking, okay i will try to make you understand in brief. Actually if you go through the topography of the Lumding area, you will find it is surrounded by mountain known as Mikir Hills and so the wind(mainly coming from the bay of Bengal) directly passes upward due to the height of the mountain, it is also known as Leeward side of the mountain, which remain completely dry or less rainfall occur. Not only in Lumding, in any part of the world, you will find Leeward side of the Mountainous region which remain dry and so the average rainfall is very low compared to other regions. In Assam many other places are also there such as Golaghat, Barpathar, Sarupathar etc etc as they mainly fall in the Leeward side of the Mountain Naga Hills( Naga Thrust), but the annual rainfall is not that too much low comparatively to Lumding. Hope i am able to make you understand. I Know you will still get confuse so i suggest to check once the google map in satellite mode the area of the Lumding.

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