One Word Substitute MCQ

1. Animals who lives in herds are?
(A) sociable
(B) gregarious
(C) carnivorous
(D) social

Answer: (B) gregarious

2. An unexpected piece of good fortune is?
(A) windfall
(B) philanthrophy
(C) benevolence
(D) turnstile

Answer: (A) windfall

3. An emolument over and above fixed income or salary is?
(A) honorarium
(B) sinecure
(C) prerogative
(D) perquisite

Answer: (D) perquisite

4. The doctor known as an eye-specialist is?
(A) orthodontist
(B) orthopedist
(C) ophthalmologist
(D) obstetrician

Answer: (C) ophthalmologist

5. The practice of pretending to have feelings that one does not really have is?
(A) treachery
(B) villainy
(C) hypocrisy
(D) inundate

Answer: (C) hypocrisy

6. To run away with a lover is?
(A) deceive
(B) cheat
(C) escape
(D) elope
Answer: (D) elope

7. A system of government controlled by persons of high intellectual ability is?
(A) oligarchy
(B) democracy
(C) meritocracy
(D) theocracy

Answer: (C) meritocracy

8. Young one of horse is?
(A) piglet
(B) lamb
(C) calf
(D) colt

Answer: (D) colt

9. One who does not follow the usual rules of social life is called ___________?
(A) egoist
(B) frank
(C) bohemian
(D) reveille
Answer: (C) bohemian

10. One who walks on ropes is called ______.
(A) Aviator
(B) Acrobat
(C) Funambulist
(D) Upholsterer

Answer: (C) Funambulist

11. Having a tendency to break the law to do socially unacceptable things is?
(A) delinquent
(B) frank
(C) juvenile
(D) guilty

Answer: (A) delinquent

12. One who criticizes popular beliefs which he/she thinks is a mistake or unwise is?
(A) philistine
(B) iconoclast
(C) imposter
(D) cannibal
Answer: (A) philistine

13. Practice of employing spies in war is?
(A) esplande
(B) espadrille
(C) estrangement
(D) espionage

Answer: (D) espionage

14. A broad road bordered with trees is?
(A) boudoir
(B) boulevard
(C) avenue
(D) façade

Answer: (B) boulevard

15. Detaining and confining someone is?
(A) interruption
(B) interrogation
(C) internment
(D) intermittent
Answer: (C) internment

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